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How to Come out of your closet..?

We all are hiding something. Our fears, wildest fantasies, darkest desires or perhaps even the most embarrassing moments. After all, secrets are built-in components of life. It is okay to veil them, until, they heavy our hearts. As per an article by Forbes , keeping secrets can be hazardous to health. Sleep deprivation, emotional mood swings, loosing your cool are some of the repercussions that come along by holding on to secrets. (Not kidding!)

There is no repudiation of the fact, that, all of us have this little closet in our lives, which is stuffed with our secrets and fears. It’s Homo sapiens nature to hold on to few things but clinging onto them for too long…may not be…such a good idea. Overtime, this closet gets full and there is no more place left .Yet…we keep stuffing it. Result? Things start overflowing. 

What do we do now?

 Build another closet and start filling it or try to clear the existing one?

The latter sounds a wiser option. When we start clearing the existing closet, the burden that we have been carrying with us, starts to deplete. We feel light. Also, we make place for the new secrets (Yay!).The old ones may begin to stink, then, it is better to get rid of them and give a way to the new ones. (not for too long though!)

So how do we do that? below are few suggestions that can be reasonably considered.


Whatsoever is bothering you, FACE IT! We find numerous excuses to avoid an awkward situation. But the fear of dealing with them can lead to a vicious cycle of stress and self depleting behaviors. Accept the situation and move on. Diverting yourself from it, will only lead to temporary relief. It’s not a permanent solution. When we face our fears, we reclaim a sense of peace and control over our life.


Talk to a friend, family, mentor or any well wishers of yours. Trust me, they WON’T JUDGE YOU! When we don’t talk, there are a lot of stuff that end up not getting said. While silence may be the best option in certain situations, it has a degree of deception in it, which can be misleading. So keep your head high, chin up , wear your feelings on your sleeves and voila! you are ready to take on the world.


 While its difficult to predict the reactions after the cat is out of the closet, it is essential to hold on to your faith and not to stop believing. Things will soon be normal . People only see what they are prepared to see. Just give it time. Keep  your faith and positivism intact. 

Howbeit, certain secrets can be curtained, if they are better off that way. But it is advisable to unveil them too… at the right time. Remember A closet is no place for a person to liveand the life we choose is the life we ultimately live. So, whether its our fears or the secrets that keeps us aback, let them see the light of day, once in a while and you never know, next time ,when you open the closet, it’s just your clothes and nothing discreet.



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