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Dramatize the sitch…just a little bit..!

What’s an effective way of catching somebody’s undivided attention?  the answer is kind of quirky but it does work. Just Infuse a little bit of drama in the situation and you are sorted. Yes! you read it right. It may sound a bit weird (very weird for few), but that’s true. It’s not what we say, but how we say that matters. Merely telling a thing isn’t enough. If you really want the other person to lend you a listening ear, it’s essential that the conversation is enthralling. Just like, how food tastes much better when we add a pinch of salt, that was missing in it , it’s vital to add a pinch of drama in a situation to make it engaging.

Let us consider an office situation.

You had been assigned a presentation that is to be done this coming Monday. Before that, it has to be reviewed on Friday by your senior , who is very particular about the facts and sources used in the presentation. On Friday, he tells you to work on the whole presentation all over again as he is not satisfied with the source used, without even listening to the whole presentation of yours. Obviously, you don’t want to work on the presentation ALL OVER AGAIN, so you decide to add little drama and convince him to your way of thinking.

You begin your mission – ” CONVINCE THE SENIOR” by asking him to help you out in building the new presentation for the Monday meet. He agrees. At evening, in the meeting room, you come along with three colleagues of yours, each representing source A, B and C respectively. You explain your senior, how these sources work and about their authenticity. You ask him to choose the source, which he thinks would fit best for the presentation. He chooses the source B. (Mind it, that’s the  same source, on which the original presentation was made). You thank him for his help and he leaves the room elated and with a feeling of importance.

Next morning, on checking your mailbox, you find that your presentation has been approved by him and you are ready to present it on Monday. On approaching him (the senior), he confesses that he has been over critical about the presentation and the original one was perfectly all right.

This was just one example of how drama and showmanship can change a situation completely. We just need to put it rightly to make the other person listen.

I would like to clear that dramatisation DOES NOT lead to alteration of facts. For the same purpose, a clear distinction between exaggeration and dramatisation needs to be drawn. While exaggeration is presenting a fact by modifying it beyond normal proportions, for a better picture or worse, dramatizing is proffering the facts with a personal touch. Drama just adds emotions and actions of the person in the situation, merely personalizing it and not changing the content.Also,while a little bit of drama can add life to a situation, too much of it can disfigure the whole of it. So it’s essential, to know the threshold which shall not be exceeded. As rightly said in a movie named Karate Kid -“when things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction.”(Wù jí bì fǎn)







2 thoughts on “Dramatize the sitch…just a little bit..!”

  1. I find that standing on someone’s foot usually gets their undivided attention!
    It’s a lot less subtle that your method though and probably counter productive in the long run; so I’ll give your suggestion a try next time!😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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